The Evolution of Bieb il-Belt

90 x 30cm

18 Limited Framed Prints & Signed Certificate Of Authenticity

260 GSM Fine Art Smooth Paper


Navy Blue


Non Reflective

  • No Frame
  • Navy Blue Standard

What you need to know

This limited-edition illustration displays the previous three Valletta’s city gates, including the most recent one. At Torri, we were inspired by the development of the gate as it became more and more minimalist until it reached the point it’s at today. The current gate is not only the perfect symbolisation of the modernisation of Valletta, but it also represents the nearly daily change and growth of the Maltese culture.

This change and development to become more minimalist reflects the style that we aim to convey.

To celebrate our beautiful Valletta being the European Capital of Culture 2018, Torri have decided to only produce 18 prints of ‘The Evolution of Bieb il-Belt.’ This print is one of our personal favourites so we’ve decided to keep it limited to preserve its value and aesthetic beauty

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When hanging prints one must keep in mind two major enemies, direct light & humidity.

If your artwork or frame does get damaged, don’t fix it yourself, you can always contact us for help or look up a qualified professional on your own.

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Avoid using soaps to clean glass.

Dust your art with a clean soft rag occasionally to prevent dust build up.

Do not use cleaning products or water.

When framing prints handle print with care to avoid damaging the smooth art paper.

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