Skate Park

25 x 36cm

230 GSM Fine Art Smooth Paper


200 Numbered & Signed Prints  


For many of us, quarantine stops us from enjoying the things we used to love doing. There is no barking in the dog parks, just silence, the sounds of glasses and teacups are absent from cafe’s and bars leaving only a shattering silence. Skateparks are just empty 3-d installations, their odd contours pointless without skateboarders. Instead of the solid, sound of skateboards sliding, we’re just left with the distant, rustling of palm trees swaying in the lonely breeze.


By pre-ordering this print, all profits will be donated to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. Unfortunately we won’t be able to deliver the prints until further notice due to the current situation, but don’t worry it will be at you before you know it.

  • No Frame
  • White Standard

What you need to know

Nobody likes quarantine. We’re stuck inside and we can’t help but think of all the terrible things that might happen. To avoid going mad, we’ve decided to channel this extra time on our hands into something creative – and help a local charity. “Quarantime” is a collection of 3 illustrated art prints, and all profits made will be going to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. 

Our Story




FREE DELIVERY on any Quarantime print in aid of the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation.


Shipping cost varies on country, quantity and type of product selected.
( check buying page for more )

Delivery Times


Deliveries have been postponed until further notice, however prints are available for donation purposes.


International shipping time varies according to destination. Prints which are not in stock go through production in the span of a week and will take an additional approx. 7-20 working days after the current COVID-19 situation is resolved in order to minimize the spread.

Shipping Courier



When hanging prints one must keep in mind two major enemies, direct light & humidity.

If your artwork or frame does get damaged, don’t fix it yourself, you can always contact us for help or look up a qualified professional on your own.

If frame has two hooks hang each hook separately & avoid using a joined wire.

Avoid using soaps to clean glass.

Dust your art with a clean soft rag occasionally to prevent dust build up.

Do not use cleaning products or water.

When framing prints handle print with care to avoid damaging the smooth art paper.

Contact us for urgent deliveries or for further help.


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