Our Story

Torri was founded in July 2017 by Andrea Camilleri and Scott Schembri, who after hardly knowing each other despite attending the same secondary and postsecondary schools, coincidentally joined the same design course. What started as a school project winded up igniting the spark that brought together their love for the Maltese Islands and their passion for art. The famous Red Tower, or ‘It-Torri L-Aħmar’, has a very special spot in our hearts. Besides being one of the main landmarks of Malta, this tower takes us back to warm summer days at the nearby beach in Mellieħa or on the way to the Gozo channel. To us, it’s a landmark that brings back those nostalgic childhood memories.

Our brand aims to capture the simplistic beauty of the Maltese Islands, with no frills attached. In the same way that the Red Tower brings back memories of our youth, we’ve developed a series of Maltese inspired prints and illustrations with the intention of capturing the essence of Malta and the sweet memories that go hand-in-hand with it. Our illustrations are designed to fit in perfectly to any space and the quality of our prints is one of our main priorities. At Torri, we hope that through our illustrations, we’ll showcase the hidden gems and beautiful landmarks of our home, the Maltese Islands.


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