Malta’s Windows

The view of the window through a window. Known as one of the Maltese Islands’ most iconic and picturesque landmarks, the Azure Window framed by a traditional Maltese window encapsulates all that Malta represents.  For Maltese families, the Azure Window (also known as It-Tieqa tad-Dwejra) was always a must-see spot during their trips to the sister … Continued

Malta’s Beer

The best way to end a long day is to sit back, relax and crack open a cold one. Here’s a bit about how Malta’s local beer has become a key part of the island’s identity.  Acting as a way to unwind after a long day’s work, a cold beer is a great way to … Continued

The Maltese Bus

As a trip down memory lane, a piece of Malta’s heart and a centrepiece of our heritage, the traditional Maltese Bus is loved by all. Their original purpose was to take passengers from A to B, but they were and still are so much more than that.  The traditional Maltese buses were sadly phased out by 2011, … Continued

The Maltese Luzzu

Take a trip to one of Malta’s fishing villages and you’re sure to see loads of traditional Maltese luzzu boats gently gracing the water. With bright colours and open eyes, you truly get that real Malta feel.   Luzzu boats are traditional Maltese fishing boats, and have become one of Malta’s most iconic symbols – with good reason. They remind … Continued

Malta’s Home

Take a stroll round Malta’s streets and villages. You’re sure to see some incredible Maltese homes, decorative facades, traditional Maltese balconies, doors and some interesting Maltese characters.  Traditional Maltese houses have become an incredibly fundamental part of Malta’s culture. The instantly recognizable facades light up streets all-round the island. These facades include decorative coloured doors, … Continued

Malta in a Nutshell

For this series at Torri, we chose to explore a few of the Maltese culture’s double meanings. Through this collection, we aimed to capture Maltese characteristic symbols with the use of frames. By fitting an illustration into a frame representing a linking concept, we strived to achieve a sense of depth and perspective in our … Continued


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